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What is the Cryptocurrencies of FIFA World Cup?

Cryptocurrencies of FIFA World Cup? What is that?

Most of the FIFA World Cup Cryptocurrencies are fan tokens, and there are three main practical applications. They are used as rewards for completing tasks, voting rights for fan governance, and NFT gifts.

For example: holders of fan tokens can obtain some membership benefits, including football club product design and various voting activities.

The value of these fan tokens mainly comes from how much the holders attach importance to the above applications and how optimistic they are about the appreciation potential of the currency. The following 10 football coins are more common World Cup cryptocurrency:

Top 10 Common FIFA World Cup Cryptocurrencies!!

How many do you know?


Chiliz is the FIFA World Cup Cryptocurrency with the largest market value. It is the world’s first token based on blockchain of fan participation, and as the token of reward platform: It is also one of the World Cup coins that global most concerned about.

FC Barcelona Fan Token

BAR Token is the fan token of Barcelona Football Club in Spain. The followers of their Twitter is as high as 45.2 million now (being the FIFA World Cup Token with the most fans)

Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token

PSG Token is the fan token of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club in France, and the team has 3.339 million Twitter followers.

Manchester City Fan Token

CITY Token is a fan token of Manchester City Football Club in the United Kingdom. The team has 14.556 million Twitter followers.

AC Milian Fan Token

ACM coin is the fan token of AC Milan football club in Italy, and the team has 8.314 million Twitter followers.

AS Roma Fan Token

ASR Token is the fan token of AS Roma Roma Football Club, and the team has 2.27 million Twitter followers.

AJuventus Fan Token

JUV Token is the fan token of Juventus, a football club in Italy, and the team has 9.969 million Twitter followers.

Santos FC Fan Token

SANTOS Token is the fan token of Santos FC football club in Brazil, and the team has 3.07 million Twitter followers.

Alpine F1 Team Fan Token

ALPINE Token is the fan token of the French Alpine F1 team, and the team has 2.062 million Twitter followers.

Atletico De Madrid Fan Token

ATM Token is the fan token of Atlético de Madrid football club in Spain, and the team has 0.799 million Twitter followers.

How to choose the FIFA World Cup Cryptocurrency?

There are 4 main methods to choose the cryptocurrency of the FIFA World Cup:

Method 1: According to the market value

Cryptocurrencies with a smaller market capitalization may have greater appreciation potential when the relevant upsurge breaks out. Such as, the market capitalization of JUV, ASR and ATM is relatively small, all below US$10 million. When the World Cup craze appears, their price increases may also be larger.
This is mainly because the cryptocurrency with a smaller market value is more likely to cause the currency price to rise faster and more due to sudden and huge buying. Of course, this is not an absolute situation, because whether the market value rises or not, it is depending on the prices of buyers and sellers.

Method 2: According to the growth potential

What we can see on the last World Cup on 2018, when SOC and WICC were the two most popular cryptocurrencies for the World Cup. 2-3 months before the start of the World Cup, the prices of these two cryptocurrencies have already started to rise. Among them, SOC has increased by 12.6 times, while WICC has increased by 8 times of its price.
What we can do is, we can consider the percentage increase of these FIFA World Cup cryptocurrencies, and use this to judge their future growth potential, that is, “how much can they go up.”

Method 3: According to the Football Club Value Ranking

As far as the commercial value of football clubs is concerned, Forbes will have a ranking list every year. In May 2022, Forbes updated the most valuable football clubs ranking. Among them, BAR, CITY and PSG have the highest total value, so they may be the most valuable football World Cup concept currency.

Method 4: According to the Twitter Followers Ranking

To some extent, the number of Twitter followers of a football club can reflect the number of fans of the team. The greater the number of followers, the higher the club’s fan token recognition, attention and popularity may be. With the event of the FIFA World Cup, the cryptocurrency with more fans is more likely to rise in its value.
According to the ranking of football club Twitter fans, BAR, CITY and JUV have more fans, which may be more valuable investment value on FIFA World Cup cryptocurrency.

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