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Where Is EURUSD Heading?which online trading platform is best in malaysia

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Multiple Important Data Of United States Are Coming Soon, Where Is EURUSD Heading?

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EURUSD fell to 1.1065, or 0.82%, as rising inflation in Europe fueled expectations of central bank rate hikes. The United States is considering releasing as much as 180 million barrels of strategic oil reserves, dragging EURUSD to 1.1184, as the highest mark since March 1. But European Central Bank chief economist, Len said that European inflation is likely to stabilize around 2%. Due to the lack of progress in the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, coupled with the announcement of a number of major data today, it is expected that EURUSD will continue to fluctuate and drop.
Trends in EURUSD can pay attention to…
-Latest news on the Russian-Ukrainian war
-16:00 European Manufacturing PMI (Final Value) (Mar)
-17:00 European CPI (Mar)
-20:30 US Unemployment Rate (Mar)
-20:30 US Non-Farm Payroll (Mar)
-21:45 US Markit Manufacturing PMI (Mar)
-22:00 US ISM Manufacturing PMI (Mar)
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